Texas Turnkey Properties buys, renovates, sells, and manages single family properties. Texas presents great opportunity and potential with its growing stable economy and low cost of living. Being current residents of Houston has allowed the founders to become familiar with South Central Texas. After the recent real estate downturn, the Texas markets were not as affected as the rest of the country and home values have held and in some areas increased. To add to this Texas has been one of the top states for people relocating in the last several years. All of this has resulted in a large pool of first time home buyers and a strong rental market which is perfect for our business model since we purchase only entry level single family properties.

Over the years, Texas Turnkey Properties has evolved and mastered their system for buying, renovating, selling, and leasing single family properties. This program helps them beat the competition, adapt with changing economy, and duplicate into other markets. The company?s success record has allowed them to even sell their system through the Learning Annex with Donald Trump and Robert Kyosaki.

TexasTurnkeyProperties.com was founded by Shawn and Joni Wolfswinkel who have a combined 20 years of experience in Real Estate. They started their careers in Real Estate while still in college and have since spent years learning every aspect of real estate investing. Shawn Wolfswinkel Received his degree in Entrepreneurial studies from the Anderson School of Management and graduated Cum Laude. After college Joni Wolfswinkel decided to obtain her Real estate license and is currently a broker in New Mexico and Texas. She has worked with Texas Hometown Realty, Re/Max, and now Real Property Management Preferred.

Shawn and Joni Wolfswinkel have continued their training every year, attending numerous seminars and educational functions to strengthen their expertise in Real Estate. They have been educated on wholesaling property, pre-foreclosures, rehabilitation and contracting, leasing and management, owner financing, Commercial real estate, financing, contracts, and state laws.

TexasTurnkeyProperties.com has now partnered with Real Property Management to provide clients with superior property management and exceptional customer service. After the purchase of your investment property you can be assured your property is in good hands and is being professionally managed.


Client Testimonials

It has been so awesome working with you two. Not only are you wonderful people, you are also genuine entrepreneurs. We are amazed at how much you know about your business and how successful you are. In the past, we have made many investments with other investors and our return has been minimal. It has been so exciting to see a profitable return on the investments we have made with the two of you. We have attached a copy of the check we received from the title company for our last transaction. We like getting these and are looking forward to having many more opportunities to work with you in the future.

Jay Hayward, Rogers, AR