The City With No Limits

Houston, known as “The City With No Limits,” is known for its diversity and the economic opportunity it provides for its residents and for those who invest here. For all the reasons that Houston appeals to those who live here – its high quality of life and low housing costs – Houston is an ideal market for out of state real estate investors.

Living costs 20.8% below average for major metropolitan cities

Housing costs are 36.6% below the national average

Median Sales Price for Single-Family Homes $220,203

<3% Vacancy Rate in Current Properties

Why the Houston Area is Right for Real Estate

Houston is known for being a city of possibilities, and this could not be more true with its real estate market. Being the nation’s fourth-largest and fastest growing city, the opportunities to invest are diverse, with a record number of homes closing in 2017. In fact, a property closes every six minutes in the city of Houston!

Houston is also one of the most affordable cities in the nation with living costs 20.8% below average for major metropolitan cities.

Housing costs in Houston are also 36.6% below the national average, making Houston real estate a prime investment opportunity for anyone looking to get more for their dollar.

Here in Houston, we like to say that ‘you come for the work but stay for the city.’

Kiplinger’s Personal Finance agrees that Houston has a unique appeal, naming it the nation’s Top City to Live, Work and Play. Let’s explore why.

Houston’s Strong and Growing Economy

Home to 6.7 million residents and 20 of the nation’s Fortune 500 companies, Houston ranks as the fourth largest U.S. Metro Economy, which creates a wide array of work opportunities for residents. The city’s strong economic infrastructure continues to enable strong growth in energy, health care, aerospace, and information technology industries, while its geographic location nurtures both domestic and international partnerships with economic powerhouses around the globe.

According to the the Greater Houston Partnership, Houston’s employment is higher now than ever before, making it one of the top cities for job creation. Home to the the world-renowned Texas Medical Center and one of the nation’s largest ports, this city is attracting more people who will be looking for homes to buy or rent.

Houston Lifestyle

Also commonly known as the “Space City,” Houston is a diverse and progressive city that sprawls across 600 square miles and is filled with an exciting urban scene alongside plenty of parkland and greenspace. Averaging only 18 days below freezing each year, Houston residents enjoy warm weather almost year-round.

Houston is also famous for its Tex-Mex and Southwestern culinary traditions, a favorite among locals. What many people don’t realize, though, is how diverse the city is with over 85 nations and 90 languages represented in the city. Needless to say, the restaurant scene reflects that diversity.

Entertainment options also abound in Houston. From the 17-block theatre district to one of the city’s professional sports teams (including the World Champion Astros), there’s something for everyone here.

Houston Education

The Houston area also boasts over 60 colleges and universities. These institutions attract over 360,000 students to the area each year, many of whom never leave after they graduate. Perhaps that’s because Houston is one of the Best Cities in the Country for College Graduates according to Forbes. Maybe these graduates are drawn to the strength of the local job market. Or maybe they just fall in love with the city…

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