What is a turnkey property?

We define ‘turnkey’ real estate investments as properties, usually single family residences, that are 100% ready for purchase and are already leased, currently performing (i.e. the tenants are paying as agreed), and are under the care of a property manager.

As a turnkey buyer, you don’t have to worry about the laborious renovation process because it has already been done for you. That is why this type of investment is so appealing… with zero legwork, it allows you to start earning income faster and diversify your investment portfolio.

Plus, with turnkey investing, there’s no need for the investor (you) to live in the area where your properties are located, and this is especially advantageous for investors who live in states like California.

Can I really generate passive income through turnkey investing?

Absolutely. Once you complete the paperwork and close on the property, you will start generating monthly cash flow on day 1.

Our properties are fully rehabbed and ready to transfer to you. Once you own the property, we take care of managing it with our in-house property management company.

And don’t forget anticipated appreciation as you calculate the long term returns on a turnkey property!

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What does the turnkey process look like?

At Texas Turnkey Properties, our skilled team handles every aspect of real estate investing: acquisition/rehabilitation or ground-up construction, property management, and everything in-between. We either build or find and completely rehab our properties, and once leased, we step in as on-site property managers.

Our turnkey process is truly a hands-off approach to investing that has provided excellent returns to our current investors. It’s the most passive and, in our opinion, the most effective way to invest in single family properties.

What kind of turnkey properties do you offer?

We specialize in managing single-family properties in the Houston area. For individual investors, particularly newer investors, taking on the additional responsibilities and stresses of commercial real estate can be difficult to manage.

Private, single-family property management with a trusted partner like Texas Turnkey Properties is a safe, dependable investment that requires little direct involvement on the part of the investors.

What makes Texas Turnkey Properties different from other turnkey providers?

There are three ways we distinguish ourselves from other turnkey providers:

  1. We commit to clear, transparent communication with you as a partner.
  2. We have an unmatched turnkey process that allows you to experience significant returns with no work on your end. We even offer a money back guarantee if you decide to terminate the contract within 5 days after the home inspection.
  3. We treat our partners as family.

Our passion is providing assistance through every step of the investment process.

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If I want to invest with you, where do I start?

If your ready to start or expand your investment portfolio with us, download our Investment Starter Kit and give us a call at (281)-894-1800. One of our dedicated team members is ready to answer any of your questions and get you started on a path toward generating passive income with real estate.

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