Game Changer. When something is introduced that has such a dramatic effect it actually changes the way the game is played. It forces you to look at something you are familiar with in a new and different way. Intelligence [new information] can help you identify [faster] what the next game changing thing or event will be.

We have seen a dramatic impact on Real Estate values in Houston when new infrastructure is introduced. If you look at values in places like Katy, Cypress, Tomball, Spring you can see not only appreciation but also businesses like Amazon, FedEx, Dakin, and Exxon/Mobil moving in and investing Hundreds of Millions of Dollars. We believe that is pretty good company to be in. One thing all these have in common is the opening of TX99 Toll Road [Houston’s Grand Parkway.

The Grand Parkway is reshaping the landscape of the Greater Houston area in a profound way that we have not seen in almost 25 years. Not since Beltway 8 [Sam Houston Toll Road] opened have we seen such a rush to purchase property and begin both commercial and residential development in the Greater Houston area. It is a legitimate Game Changer for Houston area residents . It allows for shorter commutes and greater mobility between area suburbs than ever before. It is fueling the growth of our economy and the expansion of the area’s business and population.

And it is not yet completed!

What if you knew where it was going next?
Would you want a rental property near the next big thing in Houston?
Do you think it might grow in value? 

There is a new section that is being worked on that will connect 2 major Highways [69 & I10] on the Northeast and Eastern suburbs of the Greater Houston area. This is going to open this area up to development and expansion in a way we have not seen before. This puts the area on the Eastern side of Houston in a new light [intelligence]. It certainly will make any land or homes in that area more valuable when it is completed by 2020-2022.

It puts a spotlight on the new Construction properties we are offering  in Crosby and New Caney. Check them out, then position them on the map of the new Grand Parkway. What should be happening then is a loud noise in your brain going Cha Ching! [cash register sound]. Or perhaps just the mental image of your bank account growing with passive rental income [everyone is a little different].
These are solid appreciation plays for this market. And they are already cash flowing and performing assets with tenants in place [construction completed Q3 2018].