Houston is so many things. Home to the Oil & Gas industry, NASA, World Series Champions, great food and culture. But did you realize what an important Global Business Hub Houston is? And the important role Houston plays in not just our Nation’s economy, but the World’s economy.

Houston is the Nation’s 4th largest City with the Nation’s 6th largest metro economy but that is just such a top line look. Look a little deeper and you see that Houston’s trade numbers topped $192 Billion last year! The port of Houston is the #1 port in import & export tonnage in the U.S. and #2 in total tonnage in the Nation.

Houston’s airport volume was an amazing 54.1 million passengers last year. From Houston airports you can fly directly to 114 Domestic and 68 international destinations in 37 countries and that number just keeps growing

Now you can see why over 90 countries have government representation here in Houston and why we are in the Top 3 Metros in the Nation for consular offices.
The Greater Houston Partnership has published an amazing report that details Houston’s role in the Global economy. You can view it here:


Houston’s shift from an economy based on the Oil & Gas Sector to one based on diversity of many industries is documented quite well. It has been a process underway for the last 3 decades and it took both adversity and vision to make today’s Houston economy a global leader. I challenge anyone to find a more diverse and resilient economy or population anywhere on the globe.

These economic conditions are not found everywhere. Indeed, review the report and you can see why so much International trade and Investment is taking place here. Texas and Houston have forged a climate that is so fertile for investment and growth, all while maintaining low cost of entry and sustainable returns.

Isn’t that what you are looking for?

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