The City of Infinite Possibilities

With nearly a million residents, Albuquerque ranks as one of the most culturally diverse cities in the nation. From its city life to a wide range of diverse neighborhoods, Albuquerque might be the next best place for your real estate investment.

An Expanding Real Estate Market

With more properties becoming widely available in the city, the real estate market continues to expand, offering more opportunities for investors to find properties that suit their goals. By the end of 2017, the median price for single family homes was $201,600. Albuquerque’s low housing costs attract many investors to the area because of the opportunities available for them.

Currently, the real estate market is stable, with an increase in sales among single family houses. The construction of new homes has increased dramatically in recent times due to the demand of houses in the area, so a fresh supply of homes are entering the market. If you buy a house in Albuquerque this year, the value of the property is expected to increase by several points.

Albuquerque Lifestyle

In addition to low housing costs, Albuquerque ranked lower than the national average in cost of living by the end of 2017 making this city a top place to live. With 310 sunny days a year, Albuquerque is a hub for outdoor activities for those adventurers at heart.

Located alongside the historic Route 66, you will find the area lit with classic neon signs and businesses continuing the vintage aesthetics of the past. On a sunny day in October, you can catch the largest hot air balloon festival drawing international balloonists and photographers from around the world.

There really is nothing quite like Alburquerque.

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