It is a special time of year here in Houston. The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo is underway, and it is a cultural event that must be experienced to be understood. It is the largest Rodeo in the World [but this is Houston, so you’d expect that]. For 3 weeks the NRG Stadium [where the NFL played Super Bowl] and the surrounding buildings will be hosting sold out rodeo and concert events every night. Called simply Rodeo Season here it will exceed 2 Million attendees from all over the world. To help you put that in perspective, there are several Major League baseball teams that will not draw 2 Million attendees over the course of a 6-month 82 game schedule. Cowboy boots and hats are the norm and you will fit right in here. Cowboy up! It is  Rodeo Season!

I wanted to boast a little bit about the quality of our products [both rehabs and new construction] and give you an opportunity to review our industry leading warranties that we back them up with. When you build and rehab as well as we do, you have the confidence to warranty your product and stand behind it long after the sale closes.
View our warranties here:

Rehab Warranty

New Construction Warranty


Joni and Shawn like to tell clients “we will be here with you, long after the sale, we’re not going anywhere”. And they mean it. Your TTK Properties purchase is backed up with an industry leading warranty and Award-Winning Property Management.

Invest in one of the Nation’s largest and fastest growing economies that has the lowest cost of entry and ownership of any major city in the world. And have the confidence that you are working with the best team in the industry that will stand with you long after the sale is made.