It has now been over a year since Harvey paid us a visit and 10 years ago we had an uninvited guest named Ike who left quite a trail of damage in his path.

We are not strangers to weather events. It is part of living this close to the Gulf of Mexico and we’ve learned to take the bad with the good. Last year we saw firsthand how good practices, proactive planning, and lots of elbow grease [when needed] all helped mitigate the effects of an event like Harvey.

Joni & Shawn have never liked buying homes in flood zones and so when last year’s storm hit we had only 15 properties that were damaged in a portfolio of 750 properties under management [2%]. Smart

We sent pre-storm messages to all our tenants to let them know that the storm was coming and what they needed to do to prepare for it. We also gave them emergency numbers and shelter locations. Proactive
While the storm was over us, all our staff pitched in and helped with relief efforts and communication with tenants and owners. It didn’t matter what title or job you had, everyone pitched in. Hard Work

After the storm we worked with both tenants and owners to file insurance claims and get any needed repairs their properties needed. Our vendors were there for us because of the relationship and loyalty we foster with them. Simply put, we give them a lot of work, we pay them on time, they stayed with us instead of chasing storm damage in other areas. Relationships and Good Values

Our commitment to our customers was shown last year and every day. We will not put you in any areas we would not own rental properties ourselves. Joni and Shawn’s portfolio remains the largest we manage. Your properties get the same treatment the owners of the company get.

We have the systems, strength, and the knowledge/experience to get you through any challenge. We stand right beside you throughout. 

That is our commitment to you.