2 recent articles in the Houston Business Journal and a recent interview with Governor Greg Abbott illustrate very well why Texas and Houston is the BEST MARKET to invest in.

The first article deals with how 2 of the biggest Oil & Gas companies are planning on a huge boom in production coming from West Texas. This will both insure our energy independence from other parts of the world and provide us with cheap and efficient energy that will continue to make us more competitive. The gist of the story is that the recent hard times in the Oil Patch had the affect of making the industry more competitive and they feel they are just scratching the surface of how to not only find more O&G but to do it cheaper than it has ever been done before.

Houston remains the energy capital of the world, this bodes well for us.

Go where you are wanted!

We all recently saw that Amazon had decided to build HQ2 in NYC and then recanted when the subject of Tax Breaks and Tax Abatements became a political issue they did not want to deal with.

Try stripping away the politics for a moment.

Regardless of where you are politically, the Amazon HQ2 series of events illustrates the stark difference between Texas and other parts of the country. Texas is so business friendly that Governor Greg Abbott was seen being interviewed on the morning TV shows in NYC shortly after the Amazon announcement. Again, please strip away the political paradigms here and think about why the Governor of Texas was visiting NYC?

When asked what the purpose of his trip was, he said he was visiting several Wall Street firms to let them know how welcome they would be in the Great State of Texas. He was presenting how much money they could save/make by moving part or all their operations to a friendlier state with lower taxes. Stay tuned, Governor Abbott is a great salesman.

And finally, a great article about how one of the areas largest Petrochemical companies was successful in negotiating a $60M tax break for a facility it plans to construct in the Greater Houston Area [Pasadena] that will be providing 1,500 jobs in the short term [construction] and then 25 full time jobs generating >$1.6M in Taxable income annually. It is an $810M project that is staying here and contributing to the economy. 

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